trait ToJava[t: Type]Source

A trait for marshaling values to Java objects.

Associated Types

type Aef: EffSource
type Out: TypeSource


instance ToJava[Chain[a]]Source
instance ToJava[List[a]]Source
instance ToJava[Map[k, v]] with Order[k]Source
instance ToJava[Nec[a]]Source
instance ToJava[Nel[a]]Source
instance ToJava[Set[a]] with Order[a]Source
instance ToJava[Int8]Source
instance ToJava[Int16]Source
instance ToJava[Int32]Source
instance ToJava[Int64]Source
instance ToJava[Float32]Source
instance ToJava[Float64]Source
instance ToJava[BigInt]Source
instance ToJava[BigDecimal]Source
instance ToJava[Char]Source
instance ToJava[String]Source
instance ToJava[Vector[a]]Source


def toJava(t: t): Out[t] \ Aef[t] with ToJava[t] Source

Module Definitions

def toJavaObject(t: t): java.lang.Object \ Aef[t] with ToJava[t] Source

Marshal a type that supports ToJava to its respective to ToJava.Out type and upcast it to a java.lang.Object