enum Down[a: Type] with SendableSource
case Down(a)

The Down type allows you to reverse the sort order of a conveniently.


instance Add[Down[a]] with Add[a]Source
instance Coerce[Down[a]]Source
instance Eq[Down[a]] with Eq[a]Source
instance JoinLattice[Down[a]] with MeetLattice[a]Source
instance LowerBound[Down[a]] with UpperBound[a]Source
instance MeetLattice[Down[a]] with JoinLattice[a]Source
instance Order[Down[a]] with Order[a]Source
instance PartialOrder[Down[a]] with PartialOrder[a]Source
instance Sendable[Down[a]] with Sendable[a]Source
instance ToString[Down[a]] with ToString[a]Source
instance UpperBound[Down[a]] with LowerBound[a]Source